Entry #11

HI.new episoed's

2009-03-07 06:42:15 by atras5

Hi im finaly start on animation's here an exampele.it's the pictture down there.if you have any question's pleas post or comment ot email me.i've started pokemon becuas there funny,intresting and great.i'll be starting with the begining from "fire red" then "leaf green" then "sapphire" then "ruby" then "emerald" then "diamond" then "pearl"then "platinum" and that's all

HI.new episoed's


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2009-09-22 15:18:21

delet that comment above me.. its a stupid chain website that logs the amount of users who view it.... anway... if you thought that last one was easy *even if you did use the guild* have a go at 2938 if you dare.. let me know how you get on >:3